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Hotels in Sundarban

Hotels in Sundarban

Sundarban is the delta of Ganges river, Gosaba is the entry point of many villages. There are hundred of hotels around the Gosaba, Pakhirala and Dayapur.

If you are planning for Sundarban Trip it may be helpful for you.

In Gosaba:

Lonamati Lodge : Lonamati lodge located in the Gosaba Bazar, just opposite side of Godkhali, it is in prime location from where you will get all the vehicles to go Pakhirala.

In Pakhirala

1) Hotel Apanjan : It is one of the big hotels with room capacity for the 60. All the amenities are very good. Generetor Service available. AC rooms also available.

2) Apanjan Cottage : It is near the Tiger more with concrete cottage style rooms. Newly constructed. Good accomodation.

3) Aaraam : Near the Tiger more, Cottage style and normal rooms available here.

4) Hotel Krishnakunja : On the Tiger more, good location, 2 storied building. No information available about the service.

5) Hotel Mainak : In front it is hotel like, behind the hotel new construction of cottage shortly opend.

6) Hotel Madhuban : On tiger more, visitors can be seen during the season.

7) Sundari Lodge : Newly modified well decorated, near the tiger more, service are good, new construction going on 1st floor.

8) Unique cottage : 5 mins away from the tiger more, good accomodation with cottage style.

9) Pramila Lodge : 5 mins away from the tiger more, no information available about the service. citation needed

10) S2 Hotel: It is also 8-10 mins walking distance from tiger more, very good looking, well decorated, own boat ghat.

11) Solitary Nook : It is located almost 15 mins walking distance from Tiger more, very good looking cottage style rooms.

12) Hotel Dolphin : 5 mins away from tiger more. no information available. citation needed.

In Dayapur:

1) Tiger camp : Good hotels with modern amenities, just opposite side of Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve Camp.

2) Sundarban Mangrove Retreat: One of best hotel in Sundarban, cottage style rooms, Own boat and package tour.

3) Sabuj deep : One of best cottage style room in Sundarban in Non-AC category. Excellent interior and outside, with garden. 

Disclaimer : The above information collected from various people, so there may be some information incorrect. This web publisher is not responsible for any such mistake or error. Please check it by your own. There are many other hotels and accommodation, the web publisher not able to collect all data for such things.