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Plan Your Travel For Sundarban

Plan your travel spot as Sundarban during this winter season as Sundarban became the most important destination and choice of travelers due to the easy and economic tours. Many travelers prefer to stay over night there due to the numbers of tourist spots scattered in Sundarban. World’s largest mangrove forest is located there, more importantly the tourist spots is famous for study of birds and wild animals. Many ornithologists prefer to go Sundarban for their study. 

In recent time the term “Eco-Tourism” is related to the Sundarban, due to the varieties birds and wild animals found in Sundarban. Many ecologists believes that “Sundarban is the best Eco-Study Centre” as there are largest varieties of flora and fauna. Many Kolkata based tour operators conduct Eco-Tour in Sundarban. This tour package is very attractive to travelers.

When do you decide to visit Sundarban, you need to know the best season for Sundarban tour, from September to March, is the pick time for traveling in Sundarban. In this season many tour operators arrange tour for Sundarban. Most importantly you can find the best package cost in this time. Traveling along is bit of expensive for Sundarban. There are many things which can be cost effective if you arrange a group instead of traveling along. The main cost for traveling is associated with the Luxury boat. This boat is little bit expensive to book along. Therefore, you need a good conduct tour operator for Sundarban Tour package. You may visit this site for more details,

Sundarban Tours

The recent hype of traveling the Kolkata surrounding is limited to Sundarban Tours. Many travelers now prefer to visit Sundarban during the Puja vacation. It caught the maximum attention of the travelers due the quick and easy to go. Only 100 km away from Kolkata proper location, you can visit the Sundarban Tourist Spots. In Kolkata several Tour operators are conducting Sundarban Tour with minimum costs. A 2 nights 3 days package costs Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per head. The package included all the costs like car transportation from Kolkata to Kolkata, Boat fair, Hotel Costs, Jungle Permission, Camera Costs, Fooding  & Local sight seeing. 

During the travel you need to know that, Sundarban travel covers most of the tourist spots in Jungle. This tourist spot can be achieved only by the luxurious boats. So if you have waterfobia, then avoiding the tour is the best option.  These tours are complies with thrilling adventures of traveling Jungle and river. The river is not safe for bath or any activities as there are many crocodiles. In other hand Jungle is not also safe as this is the place of man eater Royal Bengal Tigers.

Although, Sundarban is not far from Kolkata only 100 km but still there may be lack of modern facilities in tourist spots, like emergency transportation is completely unavailable during the night. If you stay in Dayapur during the night session then it may be difficult for you to get any transportation during night. Night stay in Gosba is much easier as there are all the modern amenities like, hospital, ATM, Bazaar etc. are available but main problem there are no such good quality hotels to stay at night. Therefore, you need to pack your emergency medicines and other important things with you for avoiding discomfort situation. 

Socio-Economic Structure of Sundarban

In recent years Sundarban package tour caught the maximum attention of travelers due to the easy and quality travel for short time of span. Many travelers opted for Sundarban Travel, due to the non-commercialization and easy availability of the tour operator. Travelers who are interested to spent 2-3 nights at weekends or weekdays, they can opt for Sundarban.

Sundarban is the largest delta and largest Mangrove forest of the world. Moreover, it has the largest no. of varieties birds in there. Ornithologists are prefers to spent day and night for Sundarban due to the varieties of birds and wild animals. Sundarban is most famous for it’s Royal Bengal Tiger. As you know according the census of Tiger in 2014, now in the all over world, only 6,000 tigers are left. In which 1700 tigers has been reported in India. Therefore, In India Sundarban is the only place where you can find the largest no. of tigers. 

The socio-economic structure of Sundarban is more dependent in it’s jungle and river. Although, several poor people dies every years for their livelihood in bite of tigers and crocodiles. With the proper implantation of education and jobs can eliminate the situation. The statistics of earlier days was most worse as there were unlimited numbers of hunters who were busy to hunt tigers and deers. Now people became aware of the importance of maintaining the ecosystem.

Sundarban Package Tour

Sundarban is the world’s largest forest and mostly popular for it’s Royal Bengal Tiger. The tour for Sundarban is one of the most popular tour for the travelers through out the year due to the verities of animals and plants in there. Sundarban comprises almost 7,000 sq. km in area in which almost 2,000 sq. km is the core jungle part, where visitors are not allowed to landing, but they can watch the scenic beauty of jungle through out the journey by boat. 

In recent years Sundarban caught the maximum attention of the tourist due to different attractive places in there, in which Pakhirala, Dayapur, Dobanki, Saptomukhani, Burirdabri etc. There are many resorts and hotels in different prime locations, where travelers can stay over night. 

Sundarban package tour is famous due to there are no hazards of traveler for booking the hotels or booking the boats etc. Moreover, they don’t need to worry about anything during the travel. Jungle permission, boat permission every thing is conducted and arreanged by the tour operator. The most famous package tour for Sundarban is 2 Nights 3 Days package. This package covers all the core part of the jungle and prime visiting locations. 

The most reliable tour operator for Sundarban is . This is the most realible source for traveling Sundarban during this season. As they arranged everything what do you need to travels. Please visit the above mentioned website for more details.

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Sundarban Travel Package

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Sundarban : World's Largest Mangrove Forest & World's Largest Delta


 Why Sundarban is the best choice for a short tour?


Sundarban is only 100 km away from Kolkata by road. There are two ways to go in Sundarban, By Train via Canning and by road via Basanti Highway (State High Way). Travelers visit Sundarban mostly during the winter season, but it's a great place to spent some great week end people are traveling throughout the year.

Lots of reputed travel agency's are now offering weekend Sundarban Tour package as Single day tour, One night two days tour and Two nights three days tour. The package cost are quite reasonable due to the easy availability of natural resources. Most of tourist agencies offer package tor due to the cartle down the cost of Boat. Actually in Sundarban boat cost is much high than any other cost. Normally, the boat fare range around Rs. 5,000/- - Rs. 6,000/-. So it quite difficult to bear for a small family about Rs. 18000/- boat fare for 3 days. So tour agency manage this difficulty by arrange some co-travelers for a particular date and mange the cost equally divided to all of them. 

In Kolkata based tour agency, I would like to recommend firstly, the for it's huge demand. This Sundarban Tour package operator successfully operating Sundarban Tours since few years. Their own Tour Manager is specialist for arranging the short week-end tour for Sundarban.  

There are different Tour Package available for Sundarban Travel. Few package are very exclusive for travelers who are looking very comfortable journey from Kolkata to Kolkata by A.C. Car or like to stay in Hotel which is Air Conditioned. Still the package cost is not very high. 

Package cost start for a 2 nights 3 days tour from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 10,500. You can find more details about price chart here :

There are some discounted offer for group of travelers or early booking travelers. These are also very attractive. Even discount can be achieve upto 20% OFF for anytime. I found this discounted price for Sundarban Tour here :

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