Saturday, August 2, 2014

Socio-Economic Structure of Sundarban

In recent years Sundarban package tour caught the maximum attention of travelers due to the easy and quality travel for short time of span. Many travelers opted for Sundarban Travel, due to the non-commercialization and easy availability of the tour operator. Travelers who are interested to spent 2-3 nights at weekends or weekdays, they can opt for Sundarban.

Sundarban is the largest delta and largest Mangrove forest of the world. Moreover, it has the largest no. of varieties birds in there. Ornithologists are prefers to spent day and night for Sundarban due to the varieties of birds and wild animals. Sundarban is most famous for it’s Royal Bengal Tiger. As you know according the census of Tiger in 2014, now in the all over world, only 6,000 tigers are left. In which 1700 tigers has been reported in India. Therefore, In India Sundarban is the only place where you can find the largest no. of tigers. 

The socio-economic structure of Sundarban is more dependent in it’s jungle and river. Although, several poor people dies every years for their livelihood in bite of tigers and crocodiles. With the proper implantation of education and jobs can eliminate the situation. The statistics of earlier days was most worse as there were unlimited numbers of hunters who were busy to hunt tigers and deers. Now people became aware of the importance of maintaining the ecosystem.

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