Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sundarban Tours

The recent hype of traveling the Kolkata surrounding is limited to Sundarban Tours. Many travelers now prefer to visit Sundarban during the Puja vacation. It caught the maximum attention of the travelers due the quick and easy to go. Only 100 km away from Kolkata proper location, you can visit the Sundarban Tourist Spots. In Kolkata several Tour operators are conducting Sundarban Tour with minimum costs. A 2 nights 3 days package costs Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per head. The package included all the costs like car transportation from Kolkata to Kolkata, Boat fair, Hotel Costs, Jungle Permission, Camera Costs, Fooding  & Local sight seeing. 

During the travel you need to know that, Sundarban travel covers most of the tourist spots in Jungle. This tourist spot can be achieved only by the luxurious boats. So if you have waterfobia, then avoiding the tour is the best option.  These tours are complies with thrilling adventures of traveling Jungle and river. The river is not safe for bath or any activities as there are many crocodiles. In other hand Jungle is not also safe as this is the place of man eater Royal Bengal Tigers.

Although, Sundarban is not far from Kolkata only 100 km but still there may be lack of modern facilities in tourist spots, like emergency transportation is completely unavailable during the night. If you stay in Dayapur during the night session then it may be difficult for you to get any transportation during night. Night stay in Gosba is much easier as there are all the modern amenities like, hospital, ATM, Bazaar etc. are available but main problem there are no such good quality hotels to stay at night. Therefore, you need to pack your emergency medicines and other important things with you for avoiding discomfort situation. 

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